Monday, July 19, 2010

Animal Kaiser Barcode

"A gentle reminder to Animal kaiser Fan

I do appreciate those several kind soul in the forum disclosing the way to generate barcode of those later version cards. It helps me to test out “discretely” which are the cards that can be used in current version, then i would order from my counterparty in Japan.

Nevertheless, i think it is not so approriate to use it at all. I think parents would not want to get into trouble or their kids to get into trouble. Animal Kaiser game is one of the most profitable arcade game of all time, the japanese (NAMCO, a listed company) would definitely want to protect their profit and their Intellectual Property Right. One way to stop all these infringement is to make the next version or even Version one the “Last Version” in singapore, sharing the fate of Mushiking and dinosaurking.

Beware: Tipping off for “pirated” stuff (including fake cards) or infringement of IP right has a reward of $10,000..if I am not wrong. Any lawyer or legal Attorney/advisor please help to confirm here. Thanks

Just for info, ever since the “pirate” version of dinosaur King appear in Singapore, within one month..the game is “dead”.

I still hope the AK will continue in Singapore, all AK Fan, don’t you share the same feeling as me? "

~ Daffy

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