Monday, December 27, 2010

Shuffle cards before loading the deck...

"Actually whats so difficult to implement this. SHUFFLE EVERY DECK B4 putting in AK !

Can anyone enlighten me? Is it the STAFF TOO LAZY to shuffle and take easy way out just put into machine??? "

~ jamieyeo


this was debated long before ........ . no one will be interested in this topic now. let me try to re-cap since i have some free time.

shuffle for what and for who? ..... in the interests of arcade operators - not you and me.

ZoneX shuffles cards - more people play? Or timezone did not shuffle ... more players??

the deciding factor would be the majority paying more - arcade interest, never you and me. the majority now is those people (including myself butt now no more fun to fish) who have the sequence.

It is always the $$$$ that decide ..... not about laziness or take the easy way out, welcome to the real world.

~ spaceshuttle

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