Monday, December 20, 2010

Thank you Mr Tony Li for shopping with us

Mr Tony Li & family fly all the way from Jakarta , indonesia Singapore for few days of holiday until 22/12/10. they had reached Singapore yesterday. He saw our blog ...that's how he contacted us to deal AK stuffs..

I am glad to recive the sms from Mr Tony ...he says he's now at Lucky plaza...quickly i rushed down to go meet him..and glad to meet up with him at Orchard 9.30pm.He was wearing a bright yelloow shirt and carry a nice camera in front of his chest.

Mr tony had 2 children ( 1 boy and 1 girl) and they are all here for lots of shopping. He mention about Juring bird park..but I recommend him to Singapore zoo ,Singapoire Flyer or Night safari for better sightseeing experience...

We traded and close our AK deal at orchard mrt. Mr Tony even invited me to go arcade play Animal Kaiser with his family ..but i told him its too late of timing as the arcade are clsoing soon. Being very friendly...he also invite me to eat supper..

We exchanged some emails and tips of fishing rare cards ...then i returned back home
There will be more business dealing coming we are glad to have another good dealer from indonesia really help us to expand our oversea business market..

Wish Mr Tony & family have a enjoyable holiday here in Singapore these few days
I forget to bring along my camera...otherwise, will have a photograph session with him.

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