Monday, January 3, 2011

Latest Rumours for Version 6

* Target to launch @ end Feb / early March

* New theme is EVIL series animal

* CPU BOSS to be Holy white Lion

* Different rumours about new ultimate card to be either one?? :
(1) Altas (new !)
(2) Holy Lion (same as CPU boss , 1st time !)
(3) Pink Lion ??

* There will be a large event AK fiesta during March school holiday

* New Promotion card to be given out during the lauch date

* New Promtion card (consoltation prize) + new champion card for tournament

* No official AK prioduct for Singapore except for Figurine toy Version 2 coming soon

* There had been sayings (not confirm) that some arcade vendors may want to lower the price back to $1.50 per game

* Some 7-11 outlets may pull out the AK machines

* Comic Conection will slowly stopped selling AK stuffs / cards

* Committee from AK club are planning for some special event for AK fans

* Most japan card ARE still unable to be

* The price for Japan card will drop alot when Japan pull out all AK machines during
end Feb

* Version 7 may be the last Version for Singapore ????

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