Sunday, February 27, 2011

A nice AK binder album for Mr Teng

Received a sms from Mr. Teng who is from Singapore Power,is coming down to our place to buy the AK album for his younger son . Accordingly to him , his elder son is not interested with Animal Kaiser...he is getting this album for his younger's birthday which is in mid March

We agree to deal @ the letterbox area @ basement 1 of my block. When i go down, i saw a old man standing there waiting for someone , i called out to him ...but he looked at me with a funny look ...Oops...i've recognized the wrong person ..haha...Quickly , i apologise and walked further down to see another gentleman waiting near the carpark area. This is the correct Mr. Teng who is waiting for me

"wow...your place looks like condo..." Said Mr. teng when he first greet me. I showed him 2 types of AK fake albums and he choose the binder with Siegfried picture.


After the deal downstairs @ my flat , we had a little chat about family matters , exchanging some tips and comments.Since its getting dark and cloudy outside, we bid good bye to each other...

Thank you Mr Teng for the purchase. I believe your son will like are a great daddy !

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