Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Advise for Kids who traded cards ~ you could get up to 30% discount !


1) Be friendly. If u are late, inform in advance. Apologise when meeting up. It’s really cool and gentlemanly. It’s basic manners and i usually give 10% discount

2) Be honest. If your card is in crap condition, say so. Don’t be a cheat. You may get scolded for it. Why be so cheapskate and spoil your day? I usually give 10% doscount for honesty.

3) Thank the guy who is nice to you. We adults usually thank each other and end up becoming friends. You never know when I give up my collection and sell you ultras at $1 each. Those who say thank you, I usually give 10% discount.

So, be nice! cos you may enjoy 30% discount!

Also, the world will be a better place and you will be happier.

~ UncleMin

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