Thursday, March 10, 2011

Card from Candy toy box ...

"I bought the Animal Kaiser Battle Chronicles, got a bronze Siegfried and I can't use it in competitions. Why do your company allow us to buy the boxes when we can't use them? What about the upcoming versions of it, will they be allowed? PLEASE REPLY."
~ Evan Koh

Note :Animal Kaiser Battle Chronicles is the official toy figurine box

Reply from IAH Games Representative (AK.SG) :

‎@ Evan: Only cards dispensed from the Animal Kaiser machines can be used in Tournaments.
~ Animal Kaiser Singapore via facebook

Response from Evan Koh:

so those cards from the boxes can't be used?
oh...darn it.

~ Evan Koh


@ AK SG, How bout Japanese card? technically it dispensed by machine.... like V5 AP ... came out frm machine...
~ Gavin Lim Kang Jie ‎

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