Monday, March 14, 2011

FREE* Desktop Animal Kaiser Wallpaper Giveaway !! hit more than 20,000 visitors for both Singapore & Indonesia ...and we had a solid readership record up to 215,000 page views...tracking from 6/4/2010

For celebration , we are giving away FREE* desktop wallpaper (via Email) to all Animal Kaiser fans from various part of the world.

Just tell us in email 2 things :

(1) Why do you like about our blog (

(2) Help give us some Suggestion / Feedback for improvement ,any idea ?
(that is : what else do you like us to include in this blog or is there any
complaint about your blog reading?)

*Those requests that had fullfilled item (1) & (2) will be given FREE wallpaper.Otherwise, we will not be responsible to respond.
Send your request to Eric @

Thank you for your continuous support over the months...for our blog to gain recognition as one of the BEST animal kaiser blog within Singapore and Indonesia.

Here's a sample of the nice wallpaper :

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