Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Playing Version 6 @ Fiesta 2011 (Delay launch @ arcades)

I just gone to the Version 6 launching,played a game of Version 6 :D
~ Chua Ming Han

haha so funny first day of fiesta and a ver 6 machine got a card stuck.
~ Bryan Soh

.Blog Master: Fiesta had version 6 machine available to "pay $2 per game" basis for each AK fan..No free play .. Only Version 6 is launch @ Fiesta event. There is a delay for Version 6 card release @ 7-11 stores & other arcade such as Virtualland , Timezone , ZoneX due to unfoeseen circumstance (reason unable to disclose here). Please wait for further notice for the card release ...rumour saying that arcade will only release after Fiesta event and most probably on this coming Sunday ?

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