Monday, March 7, 2011

Thanks to Ryan for shopping with us

Ryan is 12 years old, and he happen to see our contact number in this he gives us a ring to order some animal kaiser cards. He is just staying few blocks away from i reach to his place very fast for the deal. Ryan stays @ 16th high floor(in fact , this is the highest floor @ his block)He carry an i-phone, owns a nice mountain bike & has a white dog. This year, Ryan is taking his PSLE and being very concern about my safety , he ask if i'm scare of dog...when i follow him go to his house unit to take $.We help him printed x2 Version 8DX ultimate which he like it alot.

Later in the evening time....Ryan come to our block to buy some more cards...then we also share with him to view our jap promotion card album and all our cards from Version 1 to 14 ..he was amazed that we had kept so many japan's card..haha

Ryan with his lovely dog (Bobo)


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