Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Version 6 …reveal NEW ultimate Altas card (not available in Japan !)


Its none other than Ultimate Altas (Mammoth) ....this unique card only available in english version 6 . Note that Japan only have GOLD Mammoth (Altas)

This is the GOLD ALtas (Japan version)


It seems that the heat has turn down ...... hope that the fiesta crowd will turn up.

Ultimate Atlas should be a turn-on. A good sign that Bandai bother to come out somethng new for us. Fishermen back? Hope to get the full set Version 6 after a month .... buy at low $200 - 300 ..... anyone taking order? Btw, hope the other superstar turn in .... Sabre-tooth ...

~ spaceshuttle

Good news within 1 week I will fish the complete set for my grandson who has waited very long.

A new hope? - Agree that the Altas is a good touch and some indication of effort by bandai. the new Atlas unique to Eng version is welcoming. Hope more new players wil catch on.

PowerOverwhelming? - I make out from the poster that the stats of ultra Atlas are 7000 strength, 9000 health. That’s like 1000 more than good old Scorch. The extinction effect don’t seem to be in place. Still rather overpowering to be 1000 points more. With some defense aura, this guy should be a tank.

The Businessmen? - Fishermen will be inevitable.I just hope everyone behaves more amicably. But I seriously feel sure got fights and quarrels.
Also hope that the arcade operators will manage the initial craze well. Maybe each centre can hire a bouncer. Haha.

All in all, sounds like fun!

~ UncleMin

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