Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Express lane dispute (involve Police)

I had a similar experience at CS B2 last monday. There is a unit V6 express lane . I played for 1 hr from 1000am to 11am when a man intructed me not to play more than 3 games. I told him 4 fl got 3 machines he repl;ied that he wanted to play my machine . I told him to get the supervisor to tell me . When the supervisor tell me to let him play and said OK. Each of us play 3 games each.

After about 6games i decided to go for my lunch . When I return he was still playing and I ask to let me play he refused. I call the staff to instruct him to let me play and he still refused. I told the staff to call the security and when the security came he stopped . The supervisor was not around. Both of us cannot play. The Gold Atlas D deck willl be coming out less than 5 cards. The matter cannot be resolved and TZ management called the Police.

When the police arrive both of us cannot play the machine until further instruction from the management. Later the management decided to shut down the machine. This man wearing spectacle in short used to play at Tanpines and he said someone sold him the seq and told him to disturb me and ensure that I do not get the Atlas. So be very careful when playing at express lane when U whack 60 cards someone came from behind and get the Atlas for 3 games. This bully man be careful

~ george

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