Tuesday, April 19, 2011

The ugly fisherwoman at CP

Went to CP timezone today, as usual 4 machines, 2 express 2 normal,. Little girl playing in express lane, she play many games, I estimate by her cards, 20 plus, I think shes no more than 5 years old ... mother playing fishing nearby. Fisherwoman hoveriing .... something must be up. I take a peek at her cards, ahhhh ..... gold card going to drop! 3 cards more fisherwoman demands the little girl get up to let her son play! Poor girl, terrified of fierce auntie gets up, I stare at the woman ... but she tell me to mind my own business. Nevermind, her son play, card drop, girl’s mother comes along with other people to confront her. The fisherwoman runs away with her 2 kids!

Really ugly Singaporean and a mother no less, wonder what kind of values she impart to her 2 kids. As for the little girl, her mother scold and scold her, think she will be turned off AK for good, I felt so sorry for her, I wished I had a good card on me to give her but only got the normal cards, don’t think she will be interested.

Wish my iphone had batery, I would have taken a pic of that woman and posted it here ....

~ Claire


i met loads of impatient and fierce ppl at CP ...
~ Retarded noob XD

The whole sega is ugly ..... the fisherwoman and the girls’ mother ..... scold the little girl for what? you as a parent is there to protect her, where were you when the girl was bullied? .....

If I’m there, i will confront the fishy - shut her up straight .... you want to bully the little girl?! you try bully me .... see you got guts or not.

bygone be bygone ...... I would rather you post the poor thing - picture of the little girl here to show all those fishermen/women and selling sequence cheapo what damage you have done ... to AK and hurt others ...

post the picture of the fisherwoman? .... we already know how ugly she ‘looks’ dun we? ... she has no shame.

~ spaceshuttle

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