Saturday, June 11, 2011

Black bear snapped using jacuzzi

A woman who discovered a giant black bear taking an early morning dip in her jacuzzi has captured the rare occurrence on camera.

Jenny Rhoades was watching television last Friday when she spotted the bear scaling the woods around her garden in Seminole County, Florida, before approaching the pool area uninvited.

Looking at this picture, the black bear appears to have clawed its way through the pool’s mosquito screen and wandered into the jacuzzi to take some relaxation time.


Unfortunately for the furry creature, its three-minute session in the family jacuzzi was interrupted after the homeowner tried to shoo it away.

Taking the hint, the audacious bear left through the torn hole in the screen. The woman also said that the bear left no unpleasant surprises behind in the jacuzzi.

Speaking about the bizarre sighting, the Sandford resident is reported to have said: “It was beautiful, it looked really healthy. The poor guy was just hot and thirsty, it was 90F (32°C) out there.”

Florida Fish and Wildlife claims there are so many black bears in the Florida state that they are considering taking them off the threatened species list.

Whether black bears are regularly sighted cooling-off in jacuzzis is another matter.
By Gaby Leslie | Yahoo! News – Thu, Jun 9, 2011

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