Friday, June 10, 2011

New Animals for AK Evolution ~ The forgotten Warriors

Some of new animals from AK Evolution!!!!
Who are they ...????

Have you Guess correctly ??

Here's the answer :

"Atlas the mammoth, Arc the sabertooth tiger, Poseidon the Dunkleosteus, Uranus the Archaeopteryx...Atlas is already a ultra rare. there is no double release. Arc is PROBABLY and ultra rare... allong with galleon
~ Gavin Lim Kang Jie

Blog Master:The best part is ...The Mammoth...or Altas...are they the same...maybe now its been "downgraded" from Ultra Rare to GOLD ? Saber Tooth tiger is also GOLD card (or is it ultra rare card ?)while the Ancient fish & Ancient bird are SILVER cards.....


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