Monday, June 13, 2011

Thanks to Mr Cliff for buying Full set English Version 5

Today evening time, meet up with our North zone "neighbour" - Mr Cliff @ Sembawang mrt. Mr Cliff is new to Animal Kaiser gaming & he stays @ Admiralty ...and have a lovely son & daughter ...both also enjoy playing AK.

We had arranged to meet up at 6pm..and Mr Cliff was very puncture as he had arrived at 5.55pm ...I was on my way to MRT with my younger sion , Benson ...and we are late for 2 min...

I suppose to bring him Version 6 Dirty fighter card...but i blur blur...instead bring a Saturn saw Silver..haha ...Sorry for the mistake. We chat for a while about Animla Kaiser current market trend ...and then Mr Cliff went home by bus .Thank you for the support ! Hope to deal again soon...

Comments from Buyer :
"if your price is ok , I will still get from u in future. Good Luck for your business..Thanks for your sale!"
~ Cliff (9xxxx789)


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