Thursday, June 30, 2011

Weakest among all @ Animal Kaiser kingdom

This is the animal who have the lowest health ever...
~ Farhan Azyumardhi Azmi



This animal's Best Attack (T) at lv.5 damage is 5000 but with one attack the blue coralis die,because his health just 1000
~ Nur Reza

This animal can used just by Animal Kaiser Master.This animal will not die when attacked by Indian Elephant's Worst Attack (T) at lv.1 because damage is just 900
~ KeJo Chandra

True,I think this is the most noobest Animal XD.. I saw a video on Youtube when a Machine lion attack it with Miracle,its has only 900 damage lol
~ Chua Ming Han

It's from Malaysia and have Poison and Curse...
~ Yokke Putra

True. that animal has strong strenghht but if you look in the othher side the health is low
~ Brian De Ocampo

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