Saturday, July 23, 2011

Story : "If the police come, you have to pay S$500"

My sis took off today to bring my son to TZ (Compass Point) after his half day childcare. He was in cc uniform. My sis didn't know that it was forbidden to play game at TZ in uniform. Your staff (Hamdah, I think) told my sis off. My sis apologised, explained that she was not aware, and said they would leave after my son finished his

Hamdah said to my sis,"If the police come, you have to pay S$500". Is this how TZ management educate your staff? I know my sis has made a mistake but please do not take her an idiot! You think the Singapore Police Force is so free? Is it against the law to wear uniform at arcade. I respect the rule but Hamdah's respond is incorrect. Thanks.

~ Dennis Toh

Official Reply:

Hi, Dear Mr Dennis, thank you for your valuable feedback and kind understanding on the public entertainment laws. Please allow us to express our sincere apologies for the unsatisfactory experience from our staff. Your feedback are channeled to our management and be assured that it will be seriously looked into. Should you need us to get back to you on this issue, please contact us at Thank you
~ Timezone Singapore

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