Saturday, July 2, 2011

A story of Me, getting atlas at TZ after arguement.

Today, I went to hougang TZ as is been months since i go TZ. When i reach there, I saw one of my fren, an auntie, waiting for a machine. i ask her what deck was it and she told me is Deck H at around 21 cards to atlas, and it was a express lane. OK.. i waited and waited. onli a few ppl come and played that machine. So atlas is still 19 cards away.

I ask the auntie whether she wants to get it. She said she wanted to wait for ppl to play den she get. But as she saw me i do not have any atlas and she had 6, she let me get by playing all 19 cards.... Happy when i heard that. So i started playing.

When i played around 10 cards, suddenly another auntie came. But i did not know her and dint know that she was standing behind me. after i got my 11th card, she suddenly ask me how many games i played. i said 11. After that she said, “ the rules of express lane is only 3 games per player. Since u had played 11 games get up and let me play.”

Then i told her i could let her play 3 games after that let me continue my game. But she replied, “ u had played over 11 games. and i could onli play 3 games?? are u kidding??? let me play another 8 games den i let u continue.” Then i thought, 8 games more isn’t it to atlas????? So i straight away knew that she is her Fishermen. I replied to her, “no way man.” den continued swiping.

i was 2 games away from atlas. My fren came and said to me, “ do not be scared of her, is ur money, u alrdy swiped 2 times so there is nothing she can do to you. jus continue playing.” Ok.. after i get the 18th card. Suddenly the TZ staff came and told me to give the 1 credit to her then she will pay me $2. i told the TZ staff, “ No way. im going to play this final game. No one is going to stop me including u!!!!” the auntie fed up den walk away. Successfully got my atlas with so much arguement. It feels great to have atlas in ur hand though.

~ animalkaiser98


Yes this is the way, you have my support or else this people think that you can be eatern and bully. And if were me just go to other TZ to play, and then sell the extra cards in the Hougang TZ cheap under cost prices and dun let the Hougang TZ have business. Because I think the staffs and the auntie is friend (A Ka Liao), must teach them a lesson then they know.
~ sima_yi

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