Monday, July 4, 2011

System network problem @ Northpoint Timezone = Bad Customer Satisfaction

Hi, wanted to ask. I have top up some credit at orchard timezone, today i have went to northpoint yishun timezone wanted to play some game there, but i can't get to play some game there( my card still have alot of credit), so i went to the counter as wanted to ask Y? the counter staff was not friendly and seem not to care too, no1 give me an answer and no1 care. That make me so disappointed .

well, hope yr will get this problem done every other 1 will enjoy their day .. btw please tell yr staff to be more friendly and kind to all who walked in timezone, timezone should be a place for people to enjoy n relax places, i do hope every1 who walk in and will come out with a smile on their face, the staff at northpoint was not doing a good jobs..

~ Evelyn Chin

Yesterday, the staff at Northpoint refused to restart an offline machine (DJMAX Technika 2) and blamed it on the card data glitch (which was totally unrelated). The machine restart was to enable 'online mode' and allow the use of our save-data cards.
~ Fu Shiliang

Official Reply:

Dear Customer, we are having a network issue at Timezone North Point at the moment. Transfer of card data from other Timezone Outlets to and from North Point is not possible at this point of time due to the network issue. Sorry for the inconvenience caused and meanwhile we are trying our best to rectify the network issue.

Sometimes we encounter technical glitch that result in failure to transfer the card data from one store to another. However, we will like to assure you that the credit you top up are still intact and have not disappear. Timezone... credits can be use at any Timezone outlets. Sorry for the inconvenience caused to you due to the technical glitch today and if you require any more assistance or enquires on your card, please feel free to email us at for your card enquires or transaction.

Thanks for the feedback on the TZ Northpoint staff, we have highly noted your feedbacks and will be looking into it.Thank you

~ Timezone Singapore

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