Sunday, August 28, 2011

Update @ 0200hrs (2 am)


The unofficial vote count reveals 744K for Tony Tan, 736K for Tan Cheng Bock. That's how tight this is. So off to a recount we go!

"ovearseas vote may come into play now...5504 in total...if this happens, we will have to wait until Tues"
~ Teo Boon-Pin

"what about the rest of the 790k votes? spread evenly between the two other candidates???"
~ Andy Tang

"so sad. :( but its ok, TT is a also a good candidate for the job but TCB just appears to have more heart for the pple"
~ Priscilla Tang

"The result does not match the sentiments of the people I know... everyone prefer a real doctor that can heal the nation...."
~ Lester Neo

"So sad ... PAP veteran won. Even he's an ex. He is very close to them tho. Looks like prices for everything gonna raise again and again, my poor next generation."
~ Clement See

"Tony Tan Won....recount wont magically change back 2% of the votes to Cheng Bock's favor.... sob................"
~ Jusme Alo

"Add TJS n TKL's votes t oTCB he won la!!! T_T ... don't want TT!!!" ~ Clara Fu

"‎8k difference you think it's even possible to count 8k votes WRONGLY? If it's only a few hundreds, it's understandable...but now it's in term of thousands...4 digits...Time to sleep. :< "
~ Ang Zhi Kai

"Whoever becomes the next elected president based on a recount, the final result will augurs well for Singapore, which will stand to achieve another notch in better political stature and stability in the eyes of many countries. A clean and dignified presidential election in this part of the world that others could only dream of as theirs are covered by all shades of colours and hues. Some of their elections have seen violence and even deaths. I salute Singapore for our hard-earned and well-respected political stability, which will stand us in good stead to become one of the shining examples of hopes for the establishment of a new world that is based on stability, peace, love and harmony in this 21st century."
~ Tan Kok Tim

"We should've voted for oranguTan or rambuTan instead"
~ Ng Junn Yann

Blog Master: It had been a long night watching update from Channel News Asia ...the unofficial result shows Dr Tony Tan leading by a margin of 8K ...which is within the 2% gap from 2.2 million votes...hence Dr Tan Cheng Bock ask for re-count which will take another 2-3 hours until 4 - 5am perhaps? Too press on...time to get some zzz....shall update in the morning again

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