Monday, September 12, 2011

Compliment to card Seller - Uncle George

Uncle george,

Thank U for sending the Galleon combo $1xx to my house last night so that my son can use the Galleon for this Saturday AK tournament.
U are indeed a reliable seller. U also kept your promise to change the Jap Galleon which U sold to me earlier.for the AK 1 Galleon.
Your honesty is indeed appreciated. I will support U for future cards.

U also sold me the Full set Evolution 1 in mint condition plus album for $xxx at a special price. I will support U.

A responsible seller and pl take care of your health and rest for next few days.

~ bulldog (A happy customer)

Response from Uncle George:

Hi bulldog ,Tks for the positive compliment.Its my pleasure to serve U and U are a understanding customer. Wish yr son Good luck this coming AK tournament at TZ.

You are indeed my reliable customer and honour the deal not like some customer who order $220 of cards and call off the deal. Tks U so much and look forward to the next Evol 2 support .Wish your son do welll in the coming PSLE

~ Uncle George (Seller)

Other comments

I must say a big thank you to Uncle George because he is a very sincere seller and respond to request very fast.
If anyone is looking to buy Kaiser card at ease with no worry, must buy from him.
I am a repeat buyer

~ Maisy , Buyer

Yes, I agreed with you that he’s a sincere and also a responsible seller. His prices are also very reasonable.
~ hnkang007 (Card seller)

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