Friday, October 21, 2011

Just a question for all you players out there: How did you first know of animal kaiser?

First I play a beetal game ...When I am k2 I go seven eleven and I go and play than I got brown bear and when ver 1 is about to end.... I got meteor shower !
~ Sean Chew

i saw one friend of mine have some cards of this that time we were still playing dinosaur king but now we are now playing Ak. I was still a rookie once i play ak i can't stop
~ Brix Spencer Silangan

we are the same, first I started with Dinosaur king.
~ Bryan Cabingan

i guess i know from my little brother...
~ Muhammad Adin Samudro

i come to pacific land mal in indonesia and i love ak since i play it'!!!
~ Epent Aja

My friend recommended me to play and when i first play i got Great White Shark! So i look at the details.....Animal No.2 plus a Gold Rare so from then on, I started liking and i started playing more Animal Kaiser...
~ Senior Udin

when i go to arcade i saw a lot of people playing animal kaiser so i try it. it is fun.!!!
~ Wong Voon Keong

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