Monday, October 17, 2011

Last minute cancel order ~ how can like that ?

set Still available due to buyer last min back out while Iam traveling half way meeting him . wot a joke
~ AK 47- Ultimate Evo (Card seller)

Response from Buyer

My apologies.
On hindsight, I should have asked my son earlier.
My apologies once again ....... I would like to pay for your family transport fees as a small form of compensation.Got ur SMS, will transfer latest by tmrw.
I won’t explain more .... On hindsight, I can do better, no doubts about it.
My apologies once again.

~ Exxx (Buyer)

Response from Seller

ok exxx i believe u that ure not setting me up , base on yr previous record in forum ure quite a nice guy..
i may think of forgiving u. but the main point is u sms me ard 5.55pm be4 i step out and to chge the

time to 7pm-7.15pm. which i suppose to meet u at 7pm.

while we are on the way to bishan, i received an sms from u again saying that yr son has no more interest playing ak anymore n cancel the deal..which is not acceptable .

thats really cause me alot of inconvienace and troublesome by getting in the mrt train during peak hour with my family and kids along. my transport expenese for myself abt $3 n my wife $3 , my daught $2. plus taking a taxi back from bishan cos me ard 9 plus peak hour extra charges, total damaged cost $17. will sms u my posb acc ....

hope that u hav learn yr lesson and pls dont do the same thing to others . ok since it was u , i accept yr apologies and will ease this matter and wont be mention it anymore ! it cud be yr son fault, and i will be proud for yr son that he has such a good dad thinking of buying cards to make his son happy.

~ AK 47- Ultimate Evo (Card seller)

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