Thursday, November 17, 2011

Is Death Scorch worth it for $200 ??

Selling death scorch for $200 plus 3 free bronze card (Alien egg m,mata ,Alien egg p).Interested call me at 9xxxxxx for meet up.thanks !
~ Shawn Dynimatefriction

wtf la death scorch $200?? i must well sell my 1 set of champion cards all 3 for $200 more worth it. Btw death scorch price is very low now cos i useless and u still wan to sell for $200...
~ Brendan Oh Yeah Shinee

Blog Master: This is the 3rd case of us knowing that this ultimate card can sell as high as $200 ! The 1st news come out after 2nd day of launch where 1 customer offer $200 for this card (not sure that uncle sell it or not?) 2nd case is heard from Seller Kxxx where he had sold off the ultra card to a mother customer @ $200, market price is between $120 to $150 depend on various sellers & shop locations.

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