Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Play 10 times...100 times...or more....what do you get ??

WHY CANT I GET A GOLD CARD!!!!I PLAYED OVER 100 TIMES AND I CANT EVEN GET A GOLD CARD!!!!WHY!!!!!! i didnt even get one ultra rare from the machine and i only got 2 silver rom the machine ...my luck is really bad
~ Bryan Soh

u played over 100 times? i think i play AK less than 150 times since ver 1, and i have 6 golds + 2 ultra rares.
~ Gavin Lim Kang Jie

ha ha i ply 10 times get gold +ultra rare
~ Max Tung Siew Lok

i play 5 times got gold,silver n 2 bronze
~ Craig Hong

I played ten times and I get 5 gold and 5 sliver
~ Andrew Tan

I play about 100 tines I get 1 gold,1 silver and 10 bronze rare and the rest all normal cards total number of cards I have 200
~ Muhd Shafiq Diekiller

i play more than 100 time and i just have 2gold,5silver,17bronze, and no ultra.. i'm so sad
~ Epent Aja

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