Monday, November 14, 2011

Secret for beating the CPU Bosses ...which type of card to use ?

After playing so many times against boss animals, I've come with some theory that still need to be proved:

-Ultra Rare animals has a VERY slight chance of winning against bosses

-Gold and Silvers has a slight chance of winning, much better than Ultras

-Bronzes got the 40%-60% chance of beating the crap out of the bosses (my lil bro pwned Siegfried, Scorch, Atlas, and Galleon by using a 7000-8000 and less strength Icarus)

-Common cards has an extremely random chance of beating bosses, but it's up to the luck of the roulette

It's up to you guys if you wanna follow this, but I highly advice you to prove it yourself, since this theory needs to be reworked...

~ Haru Asakura

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