Wednesday, November 16, 2011

STOMP news : Is this right? Teenager sells arcade game cards for profit

STOMPer cutie3 wonders if gamers should profit from their efforts after he found a teenager selling a collection of arcade game cards at an exorbitant pricing.


The STOMPer wrote:

“I saw a teenager posting this on his Facebook wall.

“He seemed to be selling game cards from an arcade game called 'Animal Kaiser Evo 2'.

“I was wondering whether this is allowed?

“Arcade games are meant for entertainment yet people are earning money from it?

“He also stated he was having a cheap offer - - selling Master Leo at $115, Master Blue and Master Icarus for $55 each.

“From my expert knowledge of the arcade game, each game-play costs only $2 so look how much is he earning from this?”

*Original article posted on 14 Nov 2011*


lol how stupid is this? people sell everything online! as long as not illegal fake products! i can even sell my armpit hair if there is demand!
~ ohmychanel

i used to play Raw Deal and Magic, rare cards can go for a few hundred bucks. EACH.

selling of rare cards has been around for a very long time already.they are priced high because they are RARE. means hard to find. i remember selling a Raw deal card, Foil Brothers of Destruction for about $800.

~ oreochow

Stomper, can u explain y he can't sell those card? Tis is marketing theory, got Ppl buy then he sell. He's not forcing anyone to buy from him mah!
~ UpTheWest

Stupid stomper -.-"
The cards are rare ones not that easy to get them, that's why it worth more.

Next time don't try to act smart by posting things without research about it first.
~ slayer369

Willing seller willing buyer! Whats wrong Dude. Go to Vietnam and see so many kid sellingh stuff at age of 3!!!
~ kokaninja

Yes, there is nothing wrong with it, people trade all kinda stuff.
~ useyrbrainpls

Umm yes, people would actually pay A LOT to buy a card like that. If you play the game, you'll understand why, its hella hard to get a card like that.

Please get your facts right before you post, Moron.

~ ballsstache

Why do ppl queue 8 hours for hello kitty and sell 10 times the amount for a full collection while its only a fluffy toy that may only cost less than a happy meal?

There's a balance between demand and supply. there is demand there will be supply. Not enough supply, demand price goes up.

~ RantandRant

eh stupid stomper, those cards are sold at LEGAL stores for more than $60 and some more than $100. This teen is selling for a lower price. I just have one thing to say.


~ billybong111

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