Wednesday, December 14, 2011

7-11's Gold card "taken out" from deck ??

My unlucky day at 7-11 !!

Hi Guys, Evo 2 is out, right? Just now, I went to 7-11 near my house. I saw someone playing the Evo 2 Machine. Smalltooth sawfish and New Generation came out for him, he very happy. But I check sequence, I more happy because DEATH SCORCH is coming out in 6 games. So I play. But after the card “ Alien egg N” drop out, 1 more game to death scorch but however the machine said “ OUT OF CARDS”.

I was shocked of course, this stupid machine wasted me $10 on normal cards. Then, I went to the counter and asked them to refill cards. They said they have to wait for taticion to come. I was angry of course, so i went to buy a cup of bubble tea to cool down. And they gave me the wrong order, i have to go back to change. From today onwards, i will NEVER EVER step into the 7-11 agn or that bubble tea shop. What should I do, Guys? To the 7-11?

~ tornado 1234


Which 7-11? Tell me and will avoid in future.
So the technician who loads the cards is from 7-11?


Dont disappointed even NOT run out of card you will not get the D Scorch- It has been removed or taken by the staff who refill the cards. I have tried 2 times before and all the silver/bronze/normal card sequence are correct except GOLD being removed. I highlighted to the counter staff and she can’ t do anything.

I inted to wirte to the strait times forum to alert this isue and hopefully the managnemnt can find the culprit and report to police. This person could also be one of the active sellers posting in this forum looking for gold/Ultra buyers.

Also cheating ah n misappropriation of co. Stuff for personal profit unless the store authorized them to do it then nothing to say. Imagin u re a organizer of lucky draw for all shoppers event n put in the advertisement . Later u do something to draw yourself the first or top prize n others can only get 2nd or 3rd onwards.
~ Ang

Cant do much to 7-11. Considering its a KIDS game. Complain to athorities they laugh at u. The staff also must be smart to remove UR cards… But its not against the law… since 7-11 is the one who owns the machine, they have every right to shuffle/ remove cards. So just go play at TZ/ Starfactory/ Virtualand. ~ Retarded Noob XD / Gavin Lim

You should play at time zone. why must you be so stubborn play at 7-11.
7-11 very easy for the staff to take out gold to keep. its always like this since a long time ago. but if u enjoy playing with no gold, then no 1 will stop you to continue playing at 7-11 ...good luck

~ jamieyeo

My advise to play at Time Zone ,99% the Gold card will be there if U have check..
~ george.

Blog Master: Uncle come TZ is only 99% ? So...what happen to the 1% ??

Response from topic author

Hey Guys, Thanks for your advice. I am no longer gonna step in 7-11 again...hehehe.
~ tornado 1234

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