Friday, December 16, 2011

Japan card vs English card ~ The difference...

1. "Atlas" in Japan is "Gold Card" But in Singapore and Another Country is "Ultra Rare"

2. "A-092" and "A-109" is A Skip Number

3. "Golden Stag Beetle" in Japan is "Strength: 6500" and "Health: 3500" But in Singapore and Another Country is "Strength: 7000" and "Health: 3500"

~Animal Kaiser Evolution 2 (Anything Else)

Blog Master : We had changed the name to the correct author name ,thanks for pointing out our mistake.

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  1. Hello, I am the Owner of Animal Kaiser Evolution2 (Anything Else), Iam Happy That U Post Our Status On Your Blog :) But This Status is from Animal Kaiser Evolution 2 (Anything Else), Why You Named Animal Kaiser Evolution: Disscusion Board? I'm Not Angry, Just Confused Hehehe...
    Nice To Meet U