Thursday, December 22, 2011

Ultra rare card get scratches !!

ARRRGGHH!!!!! I just got Galleon and after 2 games it already has srcatches!!!!Animal Kaiser and Namco should do something about the cards cuz the more it gets srcatched it will not have anymore value.

i just tried galleon for 2 times and why did it already get minor scratches?plus I just got Galleon new that time and we were in a rush to go home

Now my Galleon has no more value just cuz of me and the minor scratches.... :( You think I can still sell it for atleast $15?

i'm really sensitive about scratches even if there not that visible.well all i can say now is that the good part is the scratches are not that visible unless if you look closely and second it's still usable

~ Marcel Tuason


You should have already have a Plastic Protector,or its just you Scanning the Car to Roughly,so its not Namco,but your Fault.
~ Galleon Chua Ming Han

my longing for the past still don't have a scratch even without plastic
~ Ari Wijaya

just touch it carefully when you want to use it
~ Ari Wijaya

wart only scrathes no worries my sea lords insignia is almost cut in half but still can use then ok
~ Kaiser Jason

About scratches on card to me because you scan hardly the picture side to machine and it make some scratches. My Tips to avoid scratches:

1. Keep your cards carefully and don't stack it.if you have album,keep your cards on that album

2. On scanning cards,just make the barcode is inserted to the machine and after it reads,pull your card softly. It can avoid scratches on card

~ Alvin Landry


  1. how about you cover tape in the surface (scotch) but careful not to cover the bar code because it may not be read by the machine i did this to my scratched/ripped cards.

  2. Yes it's true,i got Brutus from the Machine ,the card is already scratched

  3. When I got Brutus from machine , it's already scratched