Thursday, January 12, 2012

Crazy about Aries

I'll play Animal Kaiser tomorrow! I hope I can get an Ares......Ares will not only complete my top 5 favorite list but it will also complete me...Aries is as precious as my Galleon... If not, even more. That's why when I get Ares that's when I stop playing AK ! I almost trade my Galleon for Ares until my cousin saved me and reminded me that Galleon is a freakin' Ultra Rare ...I didn't realize it cuz I was just thinking about Ares

I have a feeling that Ares is harder to get than an Ultra rare card cuz alot of my friends have Ultra Rare cards but they don't have Ares.... I NEED ARES BADLY!!! IF I DONT GET IT I'LL DIEE!!!! I NEED ARES!!!!!!@

~ Marcel Tuason

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