Tuesday, January 31, 2012

The final battle between Galleon and Scorch

Story by : Matthew Vergara

Scorch, the purple lion was banished from the Animal Kaiser land. From then, he traveled around the world searching for opponents to fight and hopefully get stronger. But then one day, he was so strong he couldn't control his power and even started to fight his allies, the dark force. The dark force was chased away by scorch. They had no where to go so they decided to go to the golden lion, Galleon

Episode 2 of my story:

Once the dark force was chased away by scorch, they decided to go to Galleon. When Galleon heard the story from the dark force, he didn't belive it and thought it was a trap by Scorch. But the dark force begged Galleon for help. Finally, Galleon decided to help. Galleon asked Appolo, Leo, The white Knights and the dark force to follow him to go find scorch. Once they found scorch, they couldn't belive it, Scorch looked like the demon. His eyes where white as a ghost and his body was on purple flames. Galleon tried to come close but Scorch attacked everyone. They retreated. Once they got back.....

Episode 3 of my story.....

When Galleon, Appolo, Leo, The white Knights and the dark force got back, Galleon thought that scorch was to strong for any animal to fight, so he decided to call Every animal that was on the planet to help him. He asked the forgotten wariors, the hippo brothers, the scorpion gang, bengal tigers, icarus, blue, all the courageous animals, and even some snakes to help him. On...ce they all got together, it was like an army of animals. they all set out to kill Scorch which now was nicknamed "The Devil". When they found scorch they fought him with all their strength. Some animals were badly injured. they all fought until it came down to Leo, Apollo and Galleon. Scorch was tired. Suddenly, galleon and the other two formed a formation around Scorch. They stomped the ground, the soil under Scorch started shaking and exploded. Scorch flew high into the air. When he fell down he was not breathing. Scorch was defeated and bla bla bla happily ever after.


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