Thursday, January 26, 2012

What happen to AK machine @ 7-11 stores ?

Almost all 7-11's AK machines are OFF or not working.And i mean most of them.Admiralty's 7-11 will forever have this problem.And i'm not kidding Or that the coin slot is spoilt.
~ Bryan Soh

Admiralty's AK m/c cant scan cards anymore la
~ Hoshina Yuito

Either cards finish and they don't border to order more cards and they don't border to call the repair personnel so just off the machine
~ Lin Zhihong

Blog Master: Hope that IAH Games Staff reading our blog can be more pro-active in maintenance of the AK machines @ 7-11 stores. ALl AK fans would like to see some improvement in this type of situation...otherwise, it will be such a pity that AK end up into such bad shape... *shaking my head*

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