Monday, February 20, 2012

Ban from playing Evolution 3

When my mother first let me play Ak, she was shocked to find it so expensive and said that i must use my own money. Then, the other plays i played was also using my own money. Then i said to never ever use my moeny ever again. And now, i can only dewpend on the mean money that i get every day...

One tragic news, i will not be playing AK that frequently anymore. Instead of one hour per week of playing, i will only play 10-20 minutes per week. Why? Because i can never ever take money from my mum to invest in AK. I only have 5 plays left. But i can still take some money from my savings to play. Please understand becos of my financial problems. And i hope Evo.3 will arrive faster to Singapore.

OMG!!! i will not be playing ak any more because ... my father find out i am playing 18 time which is $36... so i can't play evo.3 ak any more soo i am selling my ak cards with cheap price

~ Wong Voon Keong

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