Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Card Trading stories

Yesterday,have happen a very BIG things!!! a kid he play one time and he got master leo and he want to trade it for my baron,then when our trade is complete.....THEN!! HIS MOM HAVE GET TIME AND MENTIONED DON'T TRADE CARD ,HIS MOM GIVE BACK MY CARD AND TAKE BACK THE KID CARD....I HATE HIS MOM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ~ Master Blue Lim

Me too.I saw a kid he got Alien Egg I,I just trade with him with my extra normals,than he agree...
~ Fan Wei Siang

i laways trade my bad cards for good cards... lol i have trade my Fissure for Aligned planets,and my fake narwhal for grey headed Flying fox,Sabertooth+Archaeopteryx for Vrede,A.snapping turtle+Darkpower for Great white shark,and many more.. i always trade like that XD
~ Epent Aja

I have a funny stories when ver.6... I see a kid have an Atlas. I asked to trade with him and he accepted. I give him courageous praying mantis and he accept.. That's my funny stories about trade
~ Alvin Landry

I still wish for the day when I meet a kid like that. Unfortunately all the kids I meet know the value of the cards..... or want to trade my silver rare for their common.
~ Bryan Cabingan

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