Thursday, February 9, 2012

My created animal....

*Gold Rare*
Name: Master Joe
Description: After years of training with his brother Kid, Joe finally becomes a Master Animal! And now he now is stronger than ever!
Strength: 6500
... Health: 6000
Guts: *Master Attack* Burning Hammer (Elkouno Efreet)
Tech: Gorgo's Snipe
Power: Union Ring
Special Effect: Armageddon Change (When the best attack is strengthen, the animal will turn into bronze and the damage of the best attack is 9999)

~ Marcel Tuason

Ultra rare
Name master kid
Description with the help of training of master Joe and nija trained seigfried he become stronger than his brother
Strength 8000
... Health 9000
G super twin hurricane
T master attackt vortex dragon
P gorgo s sniper
Special mikiri
Change into final gold chance his attckt is 9999

~ Janssen Deinz Y. Caco

*Silver Rare*
Name: Sarniko
Description : He is already dead for years . He is the master of Kid and Joe . He is Kaiser Coral's Classmate . He is back to help the Hero Animals .
Kind of Animal : Dark Scorpion
... Where From : Forgotten Heroes
Strength : 4500
G(Best Attack) : Brow Beam
T:Powered Forces
P: Zuketiyo Mutekibeam
Special Effect : Born Mystery (When he dies Kid and Joe will give him back Full Life ) and Shankiriun ( Kaiser Coral will help him defeat the opponent .

~ Gio Sykia Ver

Name : Kaiser Rattle
Strength : 8000 Health : 8000
Ability : Kaiser Flash, Poison, Curse
Attacks : G: Rock-a-bye Hit T: Angry Fangs (P): Superior Beam Zapper
Desc : He Born when Atlas is died. He is an Teacher of Kaiser Coral. He back from the heaven to show his true power

~ Wilson Linaldero

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