Friday, April 13, 2012


A guy wanted to buy my Evo 3 Kaiser Coral.So we decided to meet up at Tampines Thursday 12 April 2012 around 4-5 pm.At around 4 pm i SMS him asking if he is coming.I SMS him until 6 pm until my prepaid is low.When i call him,he scold by saying “i don’t want anymore!”.I reserved the card for this #.And he even told that he don’t want it anymore. .His number is 9xxxxx20.Can someone tell me if he is a scammer. Name is Names Johnny Lai.
~ ~AK Fannn~ , Seller (1)

Yes. i got scammed by same guy..HP is 9xxxxx20. he pretend want to buy and will make you wait and never turn up.
lets pretend to buy cards from him. then ambush and wallop him.

~ fatcat ,Seller (2)

9xxxx20 !!. he scammed me too.
trick me to wait for 2 hours.

~ dragonboy , Seller (3)

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