Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Welcome our Malaysian fans to Singapore to play Evolution 3 version

We are pleased to meet the parents of Herman & Hugo @ AK club over the weekend where they travelled all the down to Singapore from KL! Thanks for the $350 deal for buying from us...those evo 3 ultra rare cards , japanese promtion cards as well as the Tikam tokam VIP cards. We hope your family enjoy your weekend stay at Mandrian hotel.

Too bad AK club run out of spare 50cents coins..otherwise, the kids would play whole day non-stop..Enjoy playing Evo 3 AK!

Left to Right ....Our 3 little AK fans...Herman , Bosco and Hugo

Update May2012: We are glad to sell x1 Ninja-Trained Siegfried and x1 Kaiser Coral ultra rare cards to our valued Customer from KL who visited Singapore to play the latest version AK. Thank you Shirley for you greatest support !

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  1. Eric , glad they were happy and able to meet you at Singapore :) . -Max .