Saturday, June 9, 2012

Animal Kaiser Custom PC game (Version 2.0)

Created by : Sahasi Jatmiko Kaguyago

 For people who don't know AKC, it's a Animal Kaiser PC game made by me. it's free so feel free to download and play it. For more information go here :
New Version 2.0
AKC v2.0 some new cards...coming soon!

Some screenshot for what animal kaiser custom looks like

Step-By-Step guide shared by :Abiyyu Memang Hebat
First Time Download :






Tutorial all the part and put it in one folder
2.extract part 1 by right click on part 1 file and select extract here(winrar is needed)
3.after extraction complete,there should be a blue cube named AKcustom open it
and select your drive to install it and enjoy!

If,you have donwload it..Upgrade it...into Ver.1.2 first
Ver. 1.2 Link =

And Then Upgrade to the latest versionVer 1.3
Ver 1.3 Link =

If you play the first time in the ver 1.3,you Will Get BRIGHT and 200 Kc (Kc = AKC Money)

The Tutorial For Upgrade
After you download upgraded version copy all files(not folder) inside the folder to folder in your game folder that have same name with the patch folder

ex : ((in the winrar) Graphic --> Pictures --> Card_1,Card_2,Card_3,etc.) = copy the Card_1,Card_2,Card_3,etc. and paste it inside the Picture folders

The AK Custom Picture folders is in the place that you install it

1 star to 6 star cards
One Star = Promo Rare/Normal Rare

Two Stars = Bronze Rare

Three Stars = Silver Rare

Four Stars = Gold Rare

Five Stars = Ultra Rare

Six Stars = Lv.X Rare

=End of Guide=

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