Wednesday, June 13, 2012

My AK story by Muhammad Sonny Andrean Prasetya

I just can share my story when i play AK in a first Time until now:
First Time i play,i just only try,cause i still haven't heart for AK
I play with just only 4 Coins
First time i Play,I still Confuse,but i understand the level
First time i play,I get Turnaround Blow

Then,after Long time,i finally realised that Game from AK was fun Game
I try to collect card,But i just get normal
Until i get Align...
ed Planets Ver 6,that changed everything
First time i play,I never beat Galleon
But,after i get that card,with my Fake GWS,ton,I Beat Galleon And Atlas,too
Then,I get rares after a long time

In Evo 1,I introduced the way that easy to get A good Card
And yeah,i bought a fake card and i beat Death Scorch until more that 10X
When i play,Someone want Trade MY FAKE GALLEON WITH REAL ATLAS,OURANOS,AND POSEIDON,BUT I REFUSE IT,cause i just have 1 Galleon,and i don't know that my card are not pricefull
In Evo 1,I get so many Rares card

And,In Evo 2,I can't Beat Ninja Trained Siegfried and Kaiser Coral,until i use Galleon combo
And,The first time i want join the tournament,I already know that my card can't join tournament,So that I try to change my card,and with Galleon Combo from machine,i win the tournament
After Tournament,I focused to find many rares card from machine until now
And,because AK,I get so many friend,but still my friend from school told me that i am childish,but i ignore it,and keep to reach my drem :D
~ Muhammad Sonny Andrean Prasetya

You make my live Change cause AK

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