Sunday, August 12, 2012

Is 7-11 AK tourney too Expensive ?

Is Definitely not realistic and practical to participate at 7 Eleven AK store tournament.
Reasons being
1) Spend $5 to buy any items in 7 Eleven get you just ONE registration form to participate.
2) On the actual day spend $10 for the attendance registration. In return you get a promo card.
3) If there are 16 participants just for the registration it means 7 Eleven hosting the AK tournaments will...earn a total of $80 just for the entry.
4) If 16 participants successfully enrol it means you guys earn $160 just for the Attendance fee and in return you only give away 1st prize of a Champion Gold Box and a Gold card. 2nd prize a Silver box with only promo card.

So morale of the story does it make any sense that you are here to earn $$$ instead of promoting the game.

As for TIMEZONE when they are organising a AK tournament you only need to register with a refundable $2 just to participate.

Participation at both Teck Whye and Fajar 7 eleven is 0 participation.
Damm poor response, coz at lot of parents PM me saying that this AK tournament is here to earn $$$ from us..from the previous post that i post earlier. Even Kids that are playing @ Timezone say the entrance fee is way too much
Can anyone be kind here can possible feedback & enlighten me on these clarification?

~ Isaac Chong

Blog Master: Maybe the organiser can review the registration fee again so that the tournammnet can attract more people ?

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