Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Reason why to Quit playing AK

I'm quit AK!

Reason:Read this story

1. I'm sad by thinking how much money i've spent by playing AK
My father said me, are you stupid spending money just playing AK?
Maybe i've spend 10 millions (rupee) and just have 1 UR, 4 Gold, 15 Silver, 34 Bronze, the rest are normal :(
Maybe that's money better i keeping for buying anything more better

2. The Result Facebook tournament until now not announced! >.<" ‎3. I'm consenting of Tokusatsu now 4. I've many friend and rival after i know this Official Site 5. AK never comment of other questions 6. AK never reply my message ^ That's what i'm out of AK! 2, 5, 6 just the weakness of AK! Thank's for giving me many lessons, Goodbye AK!

~ Celeo Ji Sui Phin

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