Monday, September 24, 2012

Evo 5 sequence listing is ready for sale now...

Do you need 1 set , 3 set or 5 sets ???

Normal cards jumping makes you headache ? What about foil shinning card also now jumping like nobody business ?? Catch no ball ? Unable to get rare cards from AK machine now ??

Our latest infprmation from outside market is that current up to 8 different card placements had been observed just for Deck A ! Some rumour even says that there is 10 different set pattern for Deck A ~ believe it or not !

Don't worry , we have the solution for everyone to meet your gaming needs

1 set ( $50)

3 different sets ($70)

4 or more furure free update + tips for super rare cards secret ($85)

Sms Eric @ 93213123 or email : today to deal

Do not trust those fake sellers or false information out there at your own risk
Only purchase from your trusted seller for your $ worth

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