Monday, November 2, 2009

Japanese Animal Kaiser card in S'pore

Alot of queries about Jap card pricing since it came to Singapore 1 month ago

Wow! But why some cards so expensive?
1. Buyers import in the cards with different sources.
2. Shipping charges varies.
3. Sourcing the cards sometimes is a big headache for them.
4. Middleman commission.
5. Covering cost for the bundle of good and bad cards.
6. Fighting bids for cards online.
Above are the few reasons i see that makes Japanese cards pricing on the high side.

Sellers gets it through different sources in Japan:
(1) Either by some payment gateway through japan yahoo or other online store.
(2) Some has friends to get the cards for them from Tokyo, Osaka, etc.
(3 Some of u ordered in bundle and the cost is reduced down further.
In such, the cost of the cards are not the same at all and this makes it hard to give a standardise price tag on it.

There are also hidden cost like banks fee, domestic delivery charge (send to osaka), commission + oversea postage charge !and not forgeting the 3.9% paypal charges as well as credit card charges....(Card sellers will know all these facts)

For normal cards in Ver 8/9( unplayable ) , the market is flooded as someone already sold 1000 or 2000 of them at a very cheap price to capture immediate profits. So no point to import them now.Its hard to sell them at high price now

For playable normal cards, the market is still there but not many animals card can be played. The profits are low of course.

Basically, there is nothing to worry about the pricing.
The law of demand and supply will be alway there as a guide when selling.

Why sell high?
Cards are hard to get or find.

Sell Low cos there is plenty of card supply around

Blog Master comment : A seller can sell $100 for 1 special card but another can let go at just $50..this is a free market ~ Willing Seller , Willing Buyer.(there is no RIGHT or WRONG abt it!)As a rule of thumb, always ensure 3different price quotes before makeing any decision to buy. Once purchase done, do not regret and move on from there. Enjoy Animal Kaiser !!

Source : Information text from Zone-X forum

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