Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Japan card = price dropping everyday...down..DOWN..DOWN~

Topic : Panic Selling of cards from Ver 6-14

Past 1 week have been checking some Ultimate and Gold cards for Ver 6 onwards from toy outpost and others similar shop and the prices drop very fast almost everyday. Scorch is selling at $50-$60 still better value than future version.

Ultimate Wolf, lion,....was from $80..$60..last check was $30-$40..Heard from the shop sales person that cards seller has been changing prices downwards so oftern that they cant help them to change the price tag..instead they just cancel the price with pen and put a new price…

It seems that it will be like dinosaur king...those higher version will not be able to use agin in Singapore unless u go Japan to play....I will only buy when the new version comes..

Good luck friend when u buy!!

~ Animal Lover

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