Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Small Girl wants to know Big Brother who playing AK ...

last nite while i playing, think got 3 xiao mei mei (small girls) come talk to me, but i too immerse in the game then never reply them...
~ kelvin chia

yes. somemore those xiao mei mei that wanted to talk to kelvin chia are quite hot. but obviously not hotter than the cobra he's using at that moment. cuz he just plain ignore.Kelvin Chia was using cobra when the xiao mei mei tried talkin to him!

Anyway. isnt it funny how the first animal he kana was BUAYA?

~ Prodygi

Response from Kelvin Chia:

last nite kena a 2nd buaya.. think this weekend i will try to concentrate on those xiao mei mei instead of the cards..lol
~ kelvin chia

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