Friday, December 24, 2010

Kiasu Aunty play trick to get BRONZE card @ Express lane

I wanted to “Qiong” 80 cards for my Scotch but it’s express lane…
This game really give me lots of fun ... Of course frustaration too…

One occassion before I know the V5 Seq. I played in TZ Express Lane. I was queuing behind the uncle. However, he ask me to play with his son on the left express lane. I told the uncle “no problem but I’m want to queue behind you.

I started playing with his son but I was standing at the uncle’s lane. When uncle’s last game is completing, one despicable zauntie came along and claimed she was behind the uncle, which we did not see her at all. She was very fiece and sound despserate. Not wanting to cause a sceen. I let her go first…

Guess what ?
She got one bronze card in just one game....... Just a bronze card, she almost wanted to fight.... Sigh...... Spoilt my mood & I left.... This is just one of many bad cases I met....

Of course I stringly believe there are still some good souls out there! Right? I have yet to meet you guys!!

~ singapore4u


you should have just scold the aunty ...... unless she’s pretty ... then maybe scold softly ... ha ha lols ....
~ spaceshuttle

its just a game take it easy if aunty want to take let her take lor.. just que behind her or behnd her daugther if shie bring along.. hehe
~ AK 47, shooter

haha singaporeans’ auntie true forms. forever so kiasu lolol
~ TKLucky

Blog Master:What a desperate Aunty...haha...maybe she need this bronze(which is only worth max $5) to make 1 full complete set ? Who knows if this this the LAST card that she need.. maybe hor.

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