Friday, December 24, 2010

A caring father spends time & effort with his only Son..

"I am a collector too same as you initially. I am selling all my extra cards because of my son.
Most fisherman are afraid of me as I dont wait for the foil cards. For example, once I start playing and know that the foil card is still in the machine, I will wack the whole deck.
My son has changed his hobby by his age. To tell the truth, I selling off the cards without any profit but loss. For my case, I got only 1 son. I treasure the time with my son. As his hobby change so am I.

Nevertheless, I have promise my son and agreed by him that all the money cards sold will go to his new hobby and year end tour. Btw, by selling all the cards, I make a lot of new friends and share my experience about the game.

Best regards"

~ Madridkang

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