Sunday, December 12, 2010

Story : Liilte boy- Hirosan bought the toy figurine...

A 10 years old japanese boy by the name of Hirosan is a hardcore animal kaiser fan since version 1...One day he was walking along the coridoor and passby a shop. Somthing catches his !! it was the latest AK figurine Toy box !!


How can he miss them ? But he only have money to get 2 little boxes ...he know that this is edition 8 & it is the latest release from Japan. The most rare is the holy coral snake ...he hope to get this he buy 2 boxes to try his luck.
In random, he just anyhow pick up 2 boxes and paid for them

hirosan reached home and he was very excited when he opened up the 2 boxes ....He shouted with joy !! Yahoo ~~~~~~~ its not 1 rare card but 2 !! So lucky .....for Hirosan boy boy ..why not you go get 1 box for yourself too ? You may also be very LUCKY too ...Good Luck !

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